Friday, July 24, 2015


I couldn't sleep the other night and I just looked out my window and realized how nice it looked. I sketched this with a drawing app on my phone. Pretty crazy with what phone apps do nowadays

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


A friend of mine really enjoyed my children's book bear, and she wanted something similar, but have a quote or something inspirational to match with it. I chose a quote that I can really relate to; something that hits me personally, and I ended up making a mix of typography with a bit of design. I don't know, it literally is a mix and match of 2 styles *shrug*

Bear-y exciting news

After my last post, I really grew fond of the styling, and decided to apply it to something else. Because, of its nature, and how soft the style looks, I wanted to really put it in a children's book, so I sketched out different ideas for a bear, and I just wanted to try and get a feel for it.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

He's number 1!!!

So i've been recently wanting to explore the different kinds of texture i can get off photoshop, and I really like the crayon look, so I drew out my favorite Pokemon. I'm a very big Pokemon fan, but none of them can best beat my most favorite, Bulbasaur! he's literally #001 on the national dex, and #1 in my heart. I choose you!

Sunday, July 5, 2015


Its summer, and I feel so fat and lazy. I feel like...a manatee! I decided to sketch out a couple. I'm going to continue on this and finalize it, color, and maybe print it on a t-shirt. Look forward to it!


I've only known her such a small amount of time, but she has been a big influence on me. I decided to "vector" her with that pop-style. It was really fun; especially making her plaid shirt. She now uses it as her FB profile pic, so I guess she likes it

Eek eek eek

So one time I was into using facebook's stickers so much that I thought to myself "it shouldn't be too hard to make." I researched all the stickers and what emoticons they represent, and so I tried for myself. Not 100% complete, but it's actually fun making stickers. Now how to publish them?


I got myself into fashion while I was away. I ended up making concept work with the theme of harajuku meets Alice in Wonderland. Two completely different worlds, but yet, such an interesting color palette. I found myself gnawing my pencil thinking of different styles, and here are some of the designs.

Gone way to long

I realized that i have been making art on my downtime that I neglected this blog. I have been working on different projects. Might as well start from the beginning. This is a practice piece I made to help a friend understand grayscale value along with perspective.